Group Explorer

Group Explorer 2.2

Mathematical program that visualizes cases in abstract algebra

Group Explorer is mathematical software that is designed to help students in visualization of all kinds of cases in the Abstract Algebra. The program can display various illustrations, such as Cayley diagrams, multiplication tables, cycle graphs, and objects with symmetry.

Its graphical interface is easy to use and most friendly. It includes various tutorials. Each picture of a group is unique. You have the possibility to study the properties of a certain group by making corrections in the diagram.

The library of groups is great in volume. The help section of the program is also well developed. Many links offer additional information on the cases. Some of them even generate illustrations. Another good feature is the so-called ‘sheets’. They will enable you to create homomorphisms between groups, and see complex diagrams like subgroup lattices etc.

The graphics are not very well finished from an artistic point of view but they are comprehensible. All the images can be saved and used as a report on a web page. This software is mainly for students who want to develop their knowledge and improve their results in school in abstract algebra. The program is completely free.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Completely free,
  • develops student’s intuition


  • Poor graphics
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